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Looking For a Hobby

You never know when a series of events will take you to a new place. Now as a friend once asked me, “Rachel does everything you do have a shaggy dog tale?”

Well, I guess the answer is yes.

Several years ago, I saw a necklace that I really admired. When I asked the artist what was the cost, I thought, “Shoot, I could make that myself!”

Looking back I realized that I could have paid her $25 a month and could have been wearing the necklace for years. But instead I set out buying beads to create my necklace. I would guess, having spent twice the cost of the necklace on beads and having to learn how to bead – years later, I now have a necklace.

Reds in a Heap (the one that started it all)

Recently, I decided that I needed a hobby. I thought I would to do post cards, but I realized that I wanted a hobby that I wasn’t sitting at the sewing machine. I knew that there is a knitting thing going on, but I had done that.

Macramé, done that.

Felting, didn’t want to do that.

Then I thought since I really enjoyed the beading process with the red and blue necklaces, maybe I should try that. I had quite the collection of beads from years of wearing African trade beads and embellished clothing with beads. And, as most of you know, we quilters tend to be collectors of stuff.

The Blues Corralled (2010) -  11 strands of glass, African, and seed beads corralled as a chocker

I have since made several other necklaces. I am beginning to develop my beading voice. I realize that I bead like I cook and sew. I love the mixing a lot of ingredients. I am having fun with bead soup.

Orange 3 Strands with Lariat Blue Choker - Vee's eyes lit up when she saw this one!

One of the exercises that I set for myself, to force me to work with different color combination, was to ask some of my friends, “what is your favorite color, your second favorite color and your favorite accent color?”

The challenge was to make a piece of jewelry using their color choices. Eventually they will get the piece, they just will never know when. This is a hobby and not a vocation.

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