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Caped Madness

Rachel’s grandson attends a cooperative preschool in San Francisco. (Which brings up the question, do preschoolers “attend” anything? Don’t they just “go”?). Anyway, Glenridge (the name of the school) had been running low on capes. The kids use them for “dramatic play”. For those not rearing 21st century children in the 21st century, dramatic play is what used to be called “dress up”, “playing house”, or the hopelessy anachronistic “cowboys and indians.”

So, Rachel was volunteered to provide the Glenridge Cape Stimulus Package of 2009 (formerly known as the Cape Bailout). After some carping about boy colors and girl colors, we settled on a package that kept both sides of the aisle happy. In typical Rachel fashion, she couldn’t resist tucking in a few earmarks of her own.

The first cape was a fairly standard cape that used blue fabric featuring glow-in-the-dark stars. Since it was bedtime for the aforementioned grandkids, it was an instant hit. We’ll call it the “Glow Cape”

glow cape glow cape detail

Next up was the Star Cape. This feature would be a another simple blue cape with black stars, meant to appeal to the dramatic playing superhero set. However, Rachel couldn’t resist adding a yellow triangle to the back of the cape.

stars cape I star cape detail

The last one for the night was the Psychedelic Cape. No one knows where Rachel acquired the fabric, but it inspired a lively debate about its origins. I argued for the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine as inspiration, my wife went for a 50’s suburban island-fantasy and Rachel did the sewing. We took some action shots of the gathers and her granddaughter modeled it the next morning.

making the Psychedelic cape 1 making Psychedelic cape II making Psychedelic cape III making Psychedelic cape IV the Psychedelic cape

The final cape, created the next morning, was a traditional red cape, with a high neck and light blue ribbon. Unfortunately, all the models were in bed, so I got to velcro it around my neck.

red cape detail red cape

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