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Hot Flower Power

This coat was made for the 2008 Pajaro Valley Quilt Show. We were celebrating our 30th year as a guild (I’m a charter member) and one of the guild members was in charge of the wearables. She challenged us to use a pattern from the 70’s and some fabric from that same period.

I chose to use Marimekko fabrics as the genesis of this coat. I remember Marimekko from the 70’s being a very popular fabric used in sheath dresses. If you don’t know what a Marimekko is:

Marimekko Corporation is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company that was established in 1951. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad.

If you can read Finnish, check out their site. If you’re like me and don’t, check out their English site.

People used to buy their fabrics, put a yard of it on a wood stretcher bar, hang on the wall and call it art. Along with my chosen fabric, I added a green Ikat, a pink/red/orange check, a green & red striped fabric, a green & red plaid, a purple and green African pattern, some psychedelia (featured on a cape) and five other solids or read as solids. For the piping and binding, I used a batik.

Hot Flower Power Front Hot Flower Power Back Hot Flower Power Detail

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