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Cuesta and My People Dress

I was thrilled when I saw that this event is going to be taking place. Cuesta Benberry was one of my heros. I met her in the 70’s, when she was visiting California attending the Santa Clara Quilt show. She gave a lecture on African American Images in quilt and quilt makers. She was wonderful. I embarrassed myself by jumping to my feet applauding wildly at the conclusion of her speech. After a time, I had the great good fortune to meet her and visit with her on several occasions at different quilt events. At the end of her lecture she showed two slides of young African women attending a reception wearing patchwork dresses. I could only see the sleeves. I was beside myself with excitement, I rushed home and pulled all the green fabric from the shelf and proceeded to make my first “real” wearable art dress. I had no idea what I was doing, but I rode the wave of excitement and created “My People Dress”. It weights a ton and you have to feel very strong to wear it. When I had a opportunity to show it to her months later, she was delighted and even took a picture of me wearing it. Later on she showed me another picture of the dresses the African women was wearing and mine was amazingly similar.

a large variety of green cotton fabric. Machine stitching at the waist. Closeup of My People Dress [[DESCRIPTION]]

Cuesta Benberry was an author, editor, lecturer, curator and a collector of quilts. She was particularly interested in the contribution made by African American quilters and did groundbreaking work in the area of quilt research. If you are not familiar with the work that she did, google her and learn what a extraordinary person she was.

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