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A legacy of Hope: An Unabashed Supporter

For two years I have been “threatening” to make an Obama Coat. The threat is over and the work is about to begin.

I have decided to document the progress of the coat on my blog. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to approach the design and what I wanted the coat to say. In the end, since I am a quilt maker, I decided to begin with traditional quilt blocks, words and photos. For the quilt blocks, the obvious choice was Road to the Whitehouse. The added blocks are Hawaii, Kansas Dugout, Chicago Star, Iowa Star, Illinois, Montana, South Carolina Album block, Louisiana (my home state), New Hampshire Granite Block, Bright Hope, Follow the Leader, Whitehouse Steps. Added designs will include an Indonesian & Kenyan pattern as well as the campaign logo.

I am using a modified version of my Flare Coat pattern. Because I wanted a larger area in the back to work in, I added about 6 more inches of flare. I divided the coat in to 9 sections. My thinking now is: the center back will not have any photos, just the logo, Bright Hope block and a pieced design. Each of the other sections will include at least one or more photos; some will have words and a reassembled quilt block. When I say reassembled, it means I am using parts of the quilt block or stacking up the sections vertical format. The border will be Road to the Whitehouse. The color scheme will be predominately red, white and blue with a bit of African, Indonesian and Hawaiian fabrics.




I have collected the fabrics, photos, text, buttons and completed most of the design as in, it is enough to begin working on the coat. I don’t always do a completed cartoon. This is a first with me and I am not sure how this is going to work out. In the past, when I have attempted to document a project, I would get caught up in the workings of it and forget to write about what I am doing or photograph it. I am going to really try to remember to photograph at the beginning and end of each work session.




The working title for the coat is: A legacy of Hope: An Unabashed Supporter.

Posted by kincy on Thu, October 14 2010 » Garments

3 Responses

  1. Sharon November 8 2010 @ 5:25 am

    Please forgive me but did you mean White House? I share your thoughts and feelings and look forward to a female as head of state. I hope they hand over the keys to the kingdom in peace and prosperity and not in the mess the US was in when Obama took over.

  2. Kay Marsh December 8 2010 @ 3:20 am

    I look forward to watching the manifestion of your creative spirit. And, yes “Hail to the Chief”.

  3. Dorothy Walduck February 22 2011 @ 12:06 am


    Do you have a blog and if so what is the address



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