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A detour – Upcycling

One of the highlights of PIQF 2016, was having Corlis and Gayle come and hang out for a couple of days. We had fun doing the fashion show, seeing the quilts and checking out the vendors. One of the many vendors we visited was Paganoonoo. Michelle Paganini, is the owner dedicated to creating refashioned / upcycled fashion designs.

I will go on record as to not being as excited as Corlis and Gayle about this look, but when your buds wants to do a fun project together you get on board.

Corlis left on Sunday, heading back to Alaska. On Monday, Gayle and I hit Goodwill looking for shirts. My enthusiasm still hadn’t kick in, but I did have fun gathering up a series of shirt I could use to make at least one. We came home that evening loaded down with our pickings and proceeded to make our shirts. We had a great time sorting out what shirts went with what. I know now that you shouldn’t leave the store without having at least 2 of them work together.

I was happy with my first shirt. (no photo)  I was beginning to get a little more excited about the possibilities. My next one was the white shirt. I used three shirts to redesign the basic white shirt. By now, I was beginning to find my voice. The back has a pleat, less fullness and I added 2 more pockets to the front, using the cuff from one of the other shirt to make a pocket. I know you can’t tell but I added a different fabric to make the sleeves roll up cuffs.

The white shirt

The white shirt

Today, I completed my third one.  I would like to make a couple of more for gifts, then I will get back to doing my own thing.  Every once in a while it is good  for me to take a detour and explore another artist technique. It  gives me a fresh perspective on my work. I love Michelle’s philosophy behind what she does and I am glad that I played with redesigning these shirts. It has open me to the possibility of reworking a shirt, a blouse or jacket that I love the fabrics, but for whatever reason it is not working.


In redesigning this shirt I replaced the buttons with vintage mother of pearl buttons, used a fabric to face the sleeve for a roll up cuff. I liked the simplicity of the front. No pockets added.  On the back, I did the cut, added part of another shirt. Repeated the fabric for the band connecting the upper and lower back instead of  using the button band from another shirt. I added a mother of pearl buckle for accent.

back of grey shirt

back of grey shirt

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