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Whatnot Wallet

I promised several people that I would share how I made the Whatnot Wallet.

I do not have a pattern for sale. I am just sharing here. Should you find gross errors in the writing or have a question, shoot me an email or a message.

This is usually taught as a quick class. People usually get their wallet done in a couple of hours.  I recommend that you make a paper pattern, now I know some of you will want to jump right in and that is ok,  but I am the person who will make a paper pattern to make a handkerchief. I also recommend that you read thought all of my chatter before beginning. I am posting the paper pattern directions that I have created. Use these directions to create your pattern before cutting your fabric. Have fun and post your Whatnot wallet.

creating the exterior pattern

creating the exterior pattern

lining pattern

lining pattern

completed pattern

completed pattern

What Not Wallet

Material needed:

2 coordinating fat quarters

Exterior fabric


Fusible medium weigh interfacing

Sew on Velcro (opt)

Button (opt)


Making the wallet

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the exterior fabric and the lining.


Laying the exterior fabric right side up on your worktable, working from the lower edge, turn under 3 inches; finger press, bring the folded edge up 3 inches to form a pocket. Press and pin in place.

Set aside.


Laying the lining fabric right side up on your worktable, working from the lower edge, turn under 5½ inches; finger press, bring the folded edge up 5½ inches to form a pocket. Press. Turn the folded edge down 1 to 1¼ inches, press and pin in place


Place exterior and lining pieces, right sides together. Pin or Wonder clips together.

TIP: The top of the exterior pocket should nest just under the lip of the lining fold.

Sew down each side and across the top. At this point you may want to shape the corners by rounding them or removing a small triangle.

For this operation, I draw my line, stitch and trim.

Turn the wallet inside out; press. Flip the exterior pocket over to the lining side covering the open edge forming the second pocket just below the lining pocket.

Press well.

Opt.  Add Velcro or a button for closure.

You now have your Whatnot wallet.

Note: The directions that  I posted is for the larger sizes of the Whatnot wallet. If you want to make the smaller size these are the numbers.

Exterior 12×6 — the turn under/turn up is 2 1/2 inches

Lining 17×6 — the turn under/turn up is 5 inches and the fold down is the same.

four different sizes

four different sizes

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