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Moving along with Crimson Forest


I got side tracked for a while. I couldn’t decide which pattern I wanted to use for Crimson Forest. I was torn between two pattern styles. My preference was the swing coat, but I realize that I wanted to wear my coat this year.
I am accepting that while I love coats our winters have been rather mild. I can toss on a shorter coat and not feel conspicuous, but with the longer ones, it is a different story.  I finally settled on using my A-line coat pattern. I modified it to add a little more fullness and I decided to shorten it as well.The muslin has been cut out, fitted and marked up.
The strips have been cut to create strata for the background blocks. I have divided them into groups.

Strips-cut from all of the fabrics

Stripe fabrics, one dot and one check

Strips cut to mimic strips

Strips- solids

I am ready to begin building strata to create the blocks for the coat.

Muslin-marked up. The front of the coat


Posted by rachel on Mon, September 11 2017 » Garments


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