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After Crimson Forest, I wanted to do something with less piecing, fewer fabrics and less challenging sort of a brain cleaning project.  Last year at PIQF I had picked up this incredible group of African wax batiks at Ananse Village booth, with the intention of making something that shows off the fabrics. I fell in love with these colors and the circles. I guess I was still trending dots.

I have 6 fabrics in the African batik color group, added 6 Cherrywood fabrics, 5 for accent and one the same color as solid jacquard. There are two other fabrics lurking on the counter hoping to sneak in. I don’t often work with such a limited number of fabrics but I thought that would be a fun challenge. Since I was keeping it simple, I decided to work with a pattern I had used many times before.

African Batik. one is missing from the group.







the jacquard. I had this on my shelf.

The cartoon. One-half of the back












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