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The shouting is over and Boho Jive is done

It all started with me finding a piece of fabric on my shelf, as I was tidying and folding fabric. I am not sure how long ago it was that Kris Nardello and I acquired some Afghani fabrics. It was such beautiful fabric and I had used some of it in a dress years ago.
As I began to put it away, I thought I should make something with this. Over the next month or so I pulled together a collection of fabrics. The collection includes Afghani, African, French, Japanese and Swiss fabric, Indonesian Batik and a variety of calico or quilter’s cotton. The majority of it was off the shelf. Only a couple of fabrics were purchased specifically for this garment.

I knew the look I wanted. I was inspired by those bohemian/eastern European colors. I wanted it to have a lively colorful look and feel. For the coat, I chose Butterick 5966 pattern. Later, I was to wonder why as I ended up doing lots of alterations. I realized that I didn’t want to have such a fitted look. Hindsight, I should have used my Flare Coat pattern and added more flare in the back. Lesson learned.
I begin working on the coat July 29th while hanging out in Gayle and Corlis’ studio in Fairbanks. I seem to be making a habit of beginning a coat while I am up there for the Music and Arts Festival.

I had loads of fun making this coat. The parts seemed to be coming together without much angst.

Then for a while, I lost my way. I knew it was missing something. I consulted with a couple of people, no help there. There are just times when you have to go with your gut. Even though I hadn’t planned to, I decided to add the black and white stripe.  Yeah! I was back on track.

There is so much going on with the color and fabrics; I chose not to do a lot of embellishing. I machine stitched on each section with red thread. I added a few buttons and beads on the center back section and the sleeves.

It is lined with a cotton print and polyester fabric. Instead of a hem, I bound off the coat.
I finished it August 19th.
Now on to the next garment.

As I am late posting, the next garment is Crimson Forrest. I will share its tale as I am working on it.

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