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It has been a wild, wonderful roller coaster of a week.

Sunday, October 8th – realized that I might have bitten off more than I could chew. The coming week would include board and guild meetings, a lecture and a class to teach in Folsom, hosting friends from Alaska, a busload of quilters visiting the studio, co-moderating a fashion show at PIQF, a book fair in Palo Alto and ending with dinner with Kincy, Grace and the Grands. The week would also include cleaning the house and changing the September decorations to Halloween.

Did I freak? No! I simply didn’t have time that. I realized I needed to edit. Leaving the house before Tuesday was a NO! I canceled all meetings, social gatherings, set about cleaning and decorating the house, organized teaching materials and pack for the lecture/fashion show in Folsom.

Tuesday, October 10th – traveled to Folsom, excellent dinner with 3 quilters from the guild. I had a great time with the guild members. I had some very delightful volunteer models for the fashion show. These women came to the meeting having no idea they would be modeling my coats. They were all very good sports. I also had an opportunity to connect with some friends that had been in my home guild, as well as friends that I had made when I began teaching thirty years ago. Bone weary, I slept soundly at Lake Natoma Inn.

Wednesday, October 11th – Began the day by thinking I had lost my car keys. After searching for a half an hour, I unpacked my bag and found them in my tunic pocket. Whew! Headed off to teach my Seminole as Fast Piecing class. Successful class, students got several bands done, there were lots of laughter and good conversation. A special shout out to a terrific class host, Lori Long, not only is she organized; she brings coffee. Headed home about 4:30, traffic was not as bad as I thought it would be.

While I was gone, my Alaska friends, Corlis and Gayle arrived, rented a car, stopped at a couple of our favorite places, Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria, Many Hands Gallery, Crossroad’s Fabrics and best of all they did a bit of grocery shopping. By the time I got home Gayle had Zuppa Toscana soup for dinner. It was superb!

We did a bit of catching up, show and tell and sewing. Exhausted we fell into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Thursday, October 12th – Rise and shine! Gayle and Corlis headed back to San Jose to return the rental car and rented another car for us to use for the weekend. After a couple of hours at PIQF, they returned. Yikes! They can do some damage in a few hours. One of my sewing buddies Patty showed up to help me get some more work done in preparation for the bus tour. Thank goodness and blessings for good friends. Tasks for the day: Unload the car, fluff the backyard, the dining room, the studio, unpack the 25 boxes and label the garments for the fashion show, load the car, pack for an overnight stay in Santa Clara and have dinner. The leftover soup was even better than the night before. Yay Gayle!

Friday, October 13th – Last minute tweaking. Staging some garments stands in the living room and the backyard. With 5 minutes to spare the bus arrived. Played host to Barbara Lockwood and 40 plus quilters. I sure hope they had as much fun as I had. I was thrilled to share my space, my work and my home with the ladies. I expect to see some of them on a return visit. Thank you, Barbara and I will confess there were moments when I wondered what was I thinking to say yes to you. Turns out you were so easy to work with it and it all went well.

Barbara in the house

demoing how I organize a project










After about an hour, the bus headed off to the next stop.

Corlis, Gayle and I had a bit of lunch and headed off to PIQF. Dropped the garments off backstage, 45 minutes of power shopping, met Karen for the beginning of the big night. After a year of planning For the Love of Color, the fashion show was here and we were ready to strut our stuff.

We had chosen to celebrate a love of color by having participants choose a color from the Crayola box of 64 crayons. We began with 47 participants; in the end, we had 36 designers and 40 garments. The fashion show was a huge success. I have invited the participants to post photos of their garments on my page. The light in the theater isn’t very good for capturing the models from the stage.

Afterward, we headed to the bar for sustenance. We had chocolate cake, nachos, guacamole and non-alcoholic beverages. Did a bit of debriefing, laughing and sharing our favorite bits about the evening.

Joining up with Connie James we took off to our hotel for a night of rest. The ride to the hotel was uproarious. It was supposed to be 1.5 miles from the convention center. Even using GPS, after about 5 miles of driving, a series of turns and we still hadn’t arrived. We were thrown into a fit of giggles which I am sure was aided by punch drunkenness. In another 5 minutes and a U-turn, we arrived at our destination. The four of us shared a room that was about the size of a dorm room. It was all good.


Saturday, October 14th– We had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel dining room. Headed back to the show. We spent a fun-filled day looking at garments, shopping, looking at quilts, shopping, visiting with friends and shopping. We all have our favorite vendors we have to stop by. Some of my favorites are Cherrywood Fabrics, Ananse Village Fabrics, EZ Piecing   Private Source Quilting By the mid-afternoon, we were done and it was time to head home to Watsonville.

We had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Watsonville, Cilantros.

Quilting friend Jan Sturtevant joined us at the house for an evening of Show and Tell as well as sharing highlights of the day. Corlis and I did a bit of sewing. We got some “What Not” wallets made.

“What not” wallets










Sunday, October 15th – We headed back to PIQF to check out what we had missed. We each had to see The Threads of Resistance Quilts and pick up some things that one of us had bought and the other didn’t get it.

In the afternoon, we took off for The Book Arts Jam in Palo Alto. The Book Arts Jam is a one-day celebration of the book, print & paper arts. They feature an exhibition of artists’ books, print & paper artists with work for sale and exhibition. Corlis and Gayle are both bookmakers. While I am not a bookmaker I have enjoyed going to the show. I really have come to appreciate the books made by Jamila Rufaro.

Birdhouse by Jamila Rufaro










This year they featured some garments made using paper.

Later, we headed to Mountain View for dinner with the Clarks. Dinner began with drinks and a cheese platter. Dinner followed with salad, French carrots and Kincy grilled some vegetable and Persian Chicken kabobs flavored with garlic and more chicken kabobs with a more citrus flavor. Dessert was a legendary coffee crunch cake from a San Francisco Japanese Bakery, followed by a bit of port or brandy. It was a splendid way to end the day and the week.

Headed home to Watsonville. After another round of show and tell, Corlis packed as she was leaving the next day and I made an ironing pad that rolls up into its own zippered pouch. I had purchased the kit from EZ Piecing and knew if I didn’t strike while the iron was hot, it wouldn’t get done.

Ironing pad pouch

Ironing pad with pouch






Monday, October 16th – Corlis headed back to Fairbanks. Gayle is getting some sewing done and I am not doing too much of anything.




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