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Cuesta and My People Dress

I was thrilled when I saw that this event is going to be taking place. Cuesta Benberry was one of my heros. I met her in the 70’s, when she was visiting California attending the Santa Clara Quilt show. She gave a lecture on African American Images in quilt and quilt makers. She was wonderful. […]

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Caped Madness

For those not taking part in 21st century child rearing, dramatic play is what used to be called “dress up” or “cowboys and indians.” … After some carping about boy colors and girl colors, we settled on a package that kept both sides of the aisle happy.

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A Blast From the Past

Behold a magazine cover from July 1993 featuring Rachel Clark (gasp!) “A designer who quilts” !. There are some other fun cover blurbs. I’m sure most of you know this, but the cover quilt is based a Lone Star block. Next time I’m down at World Headquarters, I’ll see if we can dig out the […]

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World Headquarters

Rachel’s down in the Southland this week, so I’m going post some pictures for her. I can’t provide her witty banter, but as they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words! These pictures are from RDKC world headquarters – it will give you an idea of the environment she works in. If you look […]

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