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Crimson Forest

Completed the blocks for the front.

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Moving along with Crimson Forest

  I got side tracked for a while. I couldn’t decide which pattern I wanted to use for Crimson Forest. I was torn between two pattern styles. My preference was the swing coat, but I realize that I wanted to wear my coat this year. I am accepting that while I love coats our winters […]

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Crimson Forest

After my interview with Sandi of Crafty Planner, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the process of planning and working out the details of a garment so I thought that it would be fun to document from the beginning to the end of making a garment using this space. I have this blog […]

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The shouting is over and Boho Jive is done

It all started with me finding a piece of fabric on my shelf, as I was tidying and folding fabric. I am not sure how long ago it was that Kris Nardello and I acquired some Afghani fabrics. It was such beautiful fabric and I had used some of it in a dress years ago. […]

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A detour – Upcycling

One of the highlights of PIQF 2016, was having Corlis and Gayle come and hang out for a couple of days. We had fun doing the fashion show, seeing the quilts and checking out the vendors. One of the many vendors we visited was Paganoonoo. Michelle Paganini, is the owner dedicated to creating refashioned / upcycled […]

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  One of the challenges of writing about how I do what I do is where to start. As I was pondering my next blog entry, I got a call from a friend asking how I pull my fabrics together for my coats. So, I thought I would start by answering that question in parts. When […]

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What’s going on?

I decided I needed to get back to my website. A lot has been happening. I am working on getting the ” Out of the Crayon Box” series completed. I will be displaying all eight of the coats at PIQF next month. I have recently completed the yellow crayon- High Yellow. I am posting a […]

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A legacy of Hope: An Unabashed Supporter

For two years I have been “threatening” to make an Obama Coat. The threat is over and the work is about to begin. I have decided to document the progress of the coat on my blog. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to approach the design and what I wanted the […]

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Cuesta and My People Dress

I was thrilled when I saw that this event is going to be taking place. Cuesta Benberry was one of my heros. I met her in the 70’s, when she was visiting California attending the Santa Clara Quilt show. She gave a lecture on African American Images in quilt and quilt makers. She was wonderful. […]

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Jumping the Blues

One of the tasks that I set for myself this year was to go back and visit some of my earlier pieces. I wanted to see how well they had held up over the years, if and how my work had changed and if I still liked them. I had planned to begin with the […]

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