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The shouting is over and Boho Jive is done

It all started with me finding a piece of fabric on my shelf, as I was tidying and folding fabric. I am not sure how long ago it was that Kris Nardello and I acquired some Afghani fabrics. It was such beautiful fabric and I had used some of it in a dress years ago. […]

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Gone missing and moving on

As promised I have begun my blog again. I thought a lot about what I wanted to begin with. Well, I am going to begin by sharing a challenge that Karen Boutte and I are doing. As some of you know, several of my coats stolen this summer. I took a moment to mourn the lost, […]

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I am back!

I have been away for longer than I thought. I have decide to return to posting. I will begin with posting some photos tomorrow. But here is one from PIQF.

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Playing with Buttons

This is so uncanny,  three years ago this month, I wrote  in my blog that I was looking for a hobby. At that time, I was considering beading. Since then, I have been exploring different ways of playing with beads. At some point during the search, I realized that I could combine  buttons with the […]

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What’s going on?

I decided I needed to get back to my website. A lot has been happening. I am working on getting the ” Out of the Crayon Box” series completed. I will be displaying all eight of the coats at PIQF next month. I have recently completed the yellow crayon- High Yellow. I am posting a […]

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Rachel will be in Charleston!

On May 6th at 5:30, Rachel will presenting a Wearable Art Fashion Show at the  North Charleston Arts Festival 5th ART Quilt Exhibition. It will take place in the North Charleston City Hall Council Chambers.

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Liberty and Melon For All

A while back, the members of the Central Coast Textile Artists (CCTA) (of which I am a member) decided to do a skinny quilt challenge. For my entry, I decided to go back to one of my favorite images, the watermelon. Since I had lots of strips left over from doing My Favorite Color and […]

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Finance, Fashion and Wine Tasting

Last night, I went to an evening of Finance, Fashion and Wine Tasting. The event was held at a local Winery hosted by Brecek & Young Financial. The speaker was Tina Brown of Ilka Style. She was going to share with us the true elements of style and upcoming fall fashions. Now since I am […]

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The "Where's Rachel?" Update

We have just updated Rachel’s schedule with all of her confirmed appearances. Click on the Where’s Rachel (her schedule) link on the far right or just click right here. We’ve included a picture of Rachel and the webmaster updating the calendar.

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Looking For a Hobby

I would guess, having spent twice the cost of the necklace on beads and having to learn how to bead – years later, I now have a necklace.

… One of the exercises that I set for myself, to force me to work with different color combination, was to ask some of my friends, “what is your favorite color, your second favorite color and your favorite accent color?”

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