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Utterly Blue

The Houston International Quilt Festival has decided to not host the Bernina Fashion Show. Having done five garments, beginning with the Fairfield Show, this is the last piece that I created for the Bernina Fashion Show. My garment was inspired by the wood carvings on an African door. I chose to work with cotton, wool, […]

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Posted by rachel on Tue, February 3 2009 » Garments » 2 Comments

Caped Madness

For those not taking part in 21st century child rearing, dramatic play is what used to be called “dress up” or “cowboys and indians.” … After some carping about boy colors and girl colors, we settled on a package that kept both sides of the aisle happy.

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Posted by kincy on Mon, February 2 2009 » Etcetera » No Comments

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