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Hot Flower Power

This coat was made for the 2008 Pajaro Valley Quilt Show. We were celebrating our 30th year as a guild (I’m a charter member) and one of the guild members was in charge of the wearables. She challenged us to use a pattern from the 70’s and some fabric from that same period. I chose […]

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Caped Madness

For those not taking part in 21st century child rearing, dramatic play is what used to be called “dress up” or “cowboys and indians.” … After some carping about boy colors and girl colors, we settled on a package that kept both sides of the aisle happy.

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Hearts Repeat

This was the first coat in the Out of the Crayon Box series. I’ve included a studio shot of the entire coat, two from the show (pardon the chair) and a closeup of the piecing detail.

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Posted by rachel on Sat, January 3 2009 » Garments » Comments Off on Hearts Repeat

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