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Coat Making Class

Not Just Another Coat

Join Rachel for her online 4-part workshop where she'll guide you in crafting a unique, statement-making coat. Think of your coat as a vibrant canvas for self-expression! Rachel will not only teach the sewing techniques needed to construct a coat from a pattern but also inspire you to infuse the garment with your own flair.

This is your chance to create a coat that's a true reflection of your personality, culture, mood, humor or values. The workshop includes engaging lessons on garment design, piecing, and artistic embellishments, guiding you from a spark of inspiration to a wearable piece of art. Students will work at their own pace with input from Rachel throughout the process. This class is appropriate for most skill levels from beginner to advanced. If you have questions about the level skill needed to complete the class, please email Rachel at

The Details

  • Cost of the Class is $450

  • Rachel is offering this class on two different tracks: Saturday afternoons or Tuesday mornings.

  • A full recording will be available for 3 months following each class.

  • Payment Plans are available through PayPal's Pay Later program. Details Here

African Fabric

If you're interested in using some African fabrics like these in your creation, be sure to check out: 


12 - 4pm Pacific Time (3-7pm Eastern Time)

9am - 1pm Pacific Time (12pm-4pm Eastern Time)

January 27th

February 3rd

February 10th

February 17th

January 30th

February 6th

February 13th

February 20th

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