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Fashion Shows

All fashion shows and lectures listed below feature the original and inspired designs by Rachel D. K. Clark and showcase the visual excitement of wearable art. 


Rachel will display over twenty garments representing a wide variety of styles from casual to elegant. Her commentary is witty, anecdotal, and often poignant.  A unique aspect of these fashion shows is that members of your group or organization will participate as models.

The show times are approximately one hour, but can be adjusted on request.  Rachel is also available for symposium-length workshops.

The following are fashion shows currently offered by Rachel.   Shows may also be tailored to meet the particular interests of your group. 


Clothing for the Body & the Soul

A fashion show accompanied by anecdotes on the “hows and whys” of Rachel-made garments. The show will include a variety of garments: ensembles, coats, jackets, vests, and dresses. This is a good show for longer blocks of time, as it can be expanded to fit any time frame.


Ethnic and Ethnically-Influenced Garments

All of the garments in this show are based on a particular culture or influenced by a particular culture. For example the garment list garments includes: a Russian Cossack ensemble, a Hoari coat influenced by Japanese design and a mud cloth ensemble entitled “Out for Lunch” made from African Fabrics.“Out for Lunch” and other ethnically influenced garments can be viewed at .


Everybody Git de Blues Sometime

A reflection and celebration of Rachel’s love for the color BLUE. All of the garments in this fashion show are blue, have blue as the predominant color, or have blue in them for a particular reason. In this show Rachel shows you why she loves to be blue!


Let Your Clothes Speak for You

A fashion show with Rachel’s garments as well as the works of the host guild members. Rachel will supply numerous garments of her design, including coats, vests, and ensembles, then supplement these with guild members’ works. This is a great way to showcase the work of guild members and give them recognition.

IMG_3230 2.jpeg

Not Just Another Coat

A showing of the coats and jackets created to celebrate Rachel’s “Year of the Coat.” Rachel’s year of the coat looks like it may become the decade of the coat and Rachel will share some of her most recent garments as well as her old favorites.


So You Got Something to Celebrate

A presentation of garments made to celebrate a holiday or other special event. All of the garments in this display were created for a special occasion: Rachel’s birthday, her son’s wedding, Christmas, New Years, and others. Rachel will discuss creating garments that celebrate or commemorate an event or special day.

In the Beginning

A slide show of Rachel’s work, past and present that focuses on small details and embellishments in garments that can not be seen as easily in a show of actual garments. This show can be customized to include a mix of garments and slides.

The Importance of Models in making your fashion show a success

Group members should be asked to be models for the fashion show, unless the group makes other arrangements.


In order for a fashion show to be a successful presentation, your group will need to provide 6 -8 models:

The more attention given to getting enough models, the more fun the show will be.

Sizes:  Models should fit within the following proportions and approximate size ranges:

  • 6 to 8 models of all ages

  • Sizes 8 to flat-chested 14 (approx. 34B)


Attire:  The models’ attire should be simple: a white or off-white blouse, black skirt or black slacks and black or solid color shoes with complimentary colored hose is preferable. If the models do not wear black or white, any SOLID color will be acceptable.  Please use your discretion.


Changes:  Models may be expected to change clothing as I do bring some ensembles and dresses.

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