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A Christmas Day Surprise! The Christmas Pieced Skirt

While rummaging through the closet this holiday season, we found some cute Christmas clothes that Rachel made for her granddaughter. Inspired by the holiday spirit, we're delivering more Christmas cheer and sharing a few pics of these delightful garments! Scroll down to read the brief description and see more pics!

Rachel tells us that the front of this skirt features a faux pinwheel pattern with strip piecing. Accented with pink rickrack and festive holly ruffle.

Since these were made several years ago, the original owner won't fit in them them anymore. However, we enlisted a few of our neighbors to help show them off!

Front of skirt

Closeup of the Rickrack

Back of Skirt

Another view of the front

Piecing, Rickrack and the holiday ruffle

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