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Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas: The Silk Tie Christmas Vest

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

On the Second Day of Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas, we're featuring her "Silk Tie Christmas Vest".

Scroll down for a more detailed description and more pictures!

The front of this vest is made entirely from Talbots silk ties. At one time there was a Talbots outlet near Rachel’s house and she and her friends would go over to the store and buy silk ties for the fabric. The ties were sold by the bag!

Rachel has made several ‘tie’ vests but it took a while to collect enough Christmas ties to complete the project. One side of the vest is crazy piecing and the other side is strip piecing. This vest is vintage 1990s!

Close up of buttons and gee-gaws on strip piecing side

The back

Closeup of Crazy Piecing side

Front, taken with different lighting to highlight the fabric on the Crazy Pieced side

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