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Slicing Into the New Year 🍉

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Yes, we know it's already the second week of January, but we've all been busy putting away Christmas decorations, champagne glasses and all the baggage from 2023.

To start out the new year, we're kicking off a series called "Watermelon🍉Wednesdays" - As many of you know, Rachel loves watermelons! Not only to eat, but she as inspiration for decorating RDKC World Headquarters (her house), her quilts and her garments.

So, every Wednesday expect to see a few pictures of some of the watermelons that inspired Rachel to create something new OR the results of her inspiration. This week, we've got Rachel modeling several watermelon garments all at once - a skirt, big shirt and a watermelon fez. This picture was taken last year on the South Carolina coast, just after we ate at Bowen's Island, an epic low country seafood boil restaurant just outside of Charleston. More pictures of that journey below!

We're also featuring a wood-sculpture of a recently bitten watermelon. It has a vibrant red center with black seed-like designs and the handwritten words "fresh watermelon".

A closeup of Rachel using her watermelon encased phone, while wearing a watermelon shirt and the previously mentioned watermelon fez. And who else travels with watermelon 🍉 purse ?? 🤔 (one of the many she owns)

The server bringing all that delicious seafood! This was for several tables, not just us!

We got after those grits and the seafood!

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