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Check out Rachel's January Coatmaking Class!! 

The Coat Maker Series: All Things Blue

If you're taking Rachel's online coat making class this month you've heard her mention or seen her demo a coat named All Things Blue. Rachel loves to share the story of how All Things Blue came about:

Blue is my favorite color. On a whim, I made a list of blue things that came to mind with the idea of appliquéing an image of each thing on hand-dyed indigo fabric. Using different fabrics and sewing techniques, I created each item as a separate block. After completing the blocks, I began to arrange them into the shape of the coat. I had so many blocks that I added six inches to the garment in order to include all the blocks. No block left behind!

Each and every block is actually something that exists in my favorite color - even the English Blue Hog, which runs along the bottom front of this coat.

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