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The Coat Maker Series: Cater Corners

I recently took part in a quilt challenge hosted by Quilt Africa Fabric Tribe. The result was this coat made from wax prints and jacquards. Often the most challenging garments for me to create come about when others have set the boundaries. I began with a challenge fabric pack of fabrics from Quilt Africa. I didn't remember the exact  parameter for how many fabrics I could add, so I just kept adding:  solid Jacquards and two print fabrics on the border and the facing. I chose not to cut up the large image in one of the fabrics. I trimmed away the background and  appliquéd it on a tobacco jacquard. I completed the look by using multicolored buttons. More often than not I work vertical or horizontally. I was determined to do something different in this case so I named it Cater Corner and tried to work diagonal, with moderate success.

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