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The Coat Maker Series: Marcia Derse” Loose Change”

If you ask Rachel how to choose a pattern she will quickly tell you that you should choose something you can see yourself wearing. If you're making a coat, choose a coat pattern that will produce a coat that suits you, what you like to wear and fits how your body is actually made. And that is exactly how Rachel chose the pattern for this coat.

In her words:

A few years back I joined a sewing challenge to use a collection of Marcia Derse fabrics. I did not want to cut the fabrics into smaller pieces, so I used a pattern by Sam Hunter called Loose Change. I really like this pattern, the coat suits me so I have used it more than a few times. It reminds me of something I tell students when they ask me what pattern they should used in one of my classes. I always tell them, -choose a pattern that will give you a garment you like wearing. Think about what you wear and what your style is and what your shape is, in reality, and choose something that fits you and your style.

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Love Marcia Derse fabrics. And thanks for reference on the pattern.

Gefällt mir
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