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The Coat Maker Series: The Short Sleeve Coat aka The Curtain Coat

Updated: Jan 19

As inspiration for anyone who is taking Rachel's upcoming online coat making class, or anyone who just wants to see some interesting coats and read the story behind them, we are going to share two coats a week for the next couple weeks. We'll start off with a little comic relief and tell you the curious tale of 'The Short Sleeve Coat" aka "The Curtain Coat".

Rachel laughed when I ask her how this coat got it's name and then she told me this story:

"I created this coat using vintage fabric and a vintage pattern, but it has an interesting back story. I was at a quilt show where a woman was selling bulk fabric. Well, mixed in with many other fabrics was this one with a barnyard scene that caught my eye. I started pulling at one end of the fabric. Nearby another woman was pulling at another bolt of fabric. Well it turned out we were after the same fabric and we met in the middle. Luckily the shop owner had more of it so we could share. She told us that the fabric had once served as curtains, which was why there was so much of it. I took my fabric home, made this coat and later included it in a fashion show. During the show I noticed a strange look on the face of a gentleman in the audience. Afterwards he approached me and said, “You know, that coat brought back some memories. I had curtains made of fabric just like that in my room when I was a kid!”

Fun fact: this coat was made from a 1950s Simplicity pattern: 3448 Misses Reversible Coat with Short or Three Quarter Kimono Sleeves

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