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Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas: Bell Ringer

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

On the Fourth Day of Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas, we're featuring the "Bell Ringer" Coat. Scroll down for a more detailed description and more pictures!

Way back in the 1995 Christmas season Rachel was making samples for each length of her Boxy Coat pattern. The Boxy coat can be made in 3 lengths, this Christmas coat is the shortest one.

It’s called "Bell Ringer" because it has lots of small actual working Christmas bells sewn onto it, as well as having bell themed fabric. Secretly it’s also Rachel’s dig at her brother CJ who once exclaimed with brotherly exasperation,  “Do all your clothes make noise??”

Christmas Canes, Holly and Ribbon Lining

One of the many bells festooning the coat!

Three bells here!

A class Rachel touch - snowman bling

The back features squares on point with sashing and of course, fabric with bells!

Close up of the front, all buttoned up

Different angle of the coat's front

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