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Rachel's 12th Day of Christmas: The Christmas Postcard Jacket

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

For the Twelfth and Final Day of Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas, we have the Christmas Postcard Jacket AND the Santa Coat. These garments are so fabulous, they're each getting their own post! Scroll down ⬇️ for the Postcard Jacket description and more pictures! And make sure you check out Santa Coat here!

Rachel writes:

"I made this jacket for one of the first people I met when I moved to Watsonville. We've been friends for over 50 years. I consider her and her family as extended relations. And for someone who is very conservative in her dress habits, she's managed to collect several of my pieces!

Once a week, we sew together and this jacket grew out of a collection of vintage Christmas postcards that we had transferred to fabric. I used a short version of my Boxy Coat pattern (unfortunately out of stock).

I often create garments to show off an image or theme and In this case, the postcards are the main theme. I chose other fabrics to highlight the postcards, fill in the space and close the gaps. One of the things I appreciate in well made garments is how they use piping to separate the facing from the lining and I used this technique for this jacket. "

Back of Jacket

Jacket Lining

Closeup of Block Piecing

Vintage Santa Fabric

Vintage Santa Block

Christmas Day Block

Vintage Santa Block

Piecing with US Stamp Pin

Button Closeup

Oblique Angle of Front

And make sure you check out Santa Coat here!

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