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Rachel's 12th Day of Christmas: The Santa Coat

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

For the Twelfth and Final Day of Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas, we've shared the Christmas Postcard Jacket AND the Santa Coat. These garments are so fabulous, they're each getting their own post! Scroll down ⬇️ for the Santa Coat description and more pictures! And make sure you check out Postcard Jacket here!

Rachel writes:

"This was a gift for a close friend of mine who is a serial collector of Santas. Her Santa collection is, in a word, epic. So this coat was specifically designed for her.

To start, I selected all manner of Santa fabrics - Santas from different countries, different eras and designs. It took me about a year to assemble these fabrics - my friend can be quite particular about her Santas and I needed to make sure they met her standards!

Once I had the fabrics, I laid them out on a classic Duster coat patter, and like the Christmas jacket, I filled in the space with other Christmas-themed fabrics."

Front of Coat

Back of Coat

Piecing detail on back

Right Side Santa Block and Collar

Upper Left Sleeve

Mid Left Sleeve

Left Side Santa Block and Collar

Close up of Vintage Santa Fabric

Front, Oblique Angle

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