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Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas: Let it ❄️Snow❄️

On the seventh day of Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas, we're featuring her "Let it Snow" Jacket. Scroll down for a more detailed description and more pictures!

Rachel originally made this jacket when the song "Let it Snow!" got stuck in her head. And in classic Rachel style the only way to move on from that song was to make a garment!

This jacket features lots of ⛄️snowman⛄️ fabrics combined with strips of ‘Let it Snow’ fabric as sashing. It’s finished off with a collection of snowman pins that Rachel found at thrift stores and what-not shops. Rachel is always on the lookout for decorations that help develop the theme of a garment. 

Squares on the back

Right Side Snowmen Lining

Block Close Up

Another Block Close Up

Sleeve Block Close Up
Full RIght Side Sleeve
Oblique Fron Angle of Coat

Two of the Snowman pins

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